GRADE KG1,KG2, 1 & 2

Assessment at End of EYFS

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) In the final term of the year in which the child reaches age five, the EYFS Profile must be completed for each child. The Profile provides the parents, the teachers and the School with a well-rounted picture of a child's knowledge, understanding and abilities, their progress againts expected levels, and their readiness for year 1. The Profile must reflect ongoing observation; all relevant records held by the setting; discussions with parents, and any others adults whom the teacher or parent feel, can offer a useful contribution. Each child's level of development must be assessed against the early learning goals. No formal examination will be held for these classes. The school will follow a system of regular & comprehensive assessments through a checklist of assignments & observational activities in order to develop a sense of curiosity and the desire to explore.


Grading Scale for Scholastic Areas: Grades are awarded on a 8 point grading scale as follows

  • MARKS RANGE (90-100) GRADE A+91%
  • MARKS RANGE (70-79) GRADE B+ 71%
  • MARKS RANGE (50-59) GRADE C+ 51%
  • MARKS RANGE (30-39) GRADE D+ 33%
  • MARKS RANGE (20) GRADE E 20%
  • MARKS RANGE (80-89) GRADE A 81%
  • MARKS RANGE (60-69) GRADE B 61%
  • MARKS RANGE (40-49) GRADE C 41%
  • MARKS RANGE (20-29) GRADE D32%


An academic session is divided into three terms for all classes from std. I to XII:

The medium of instruction is English. The languages taught are Malayalam, English, Arabic, Hindi & Urdu. This institution is approved by Govt. of India (Board of Kerala, India)and M.O.E, R.A.K, U.A.E


Kindergarten : The two years of study spread over K.G 1 and K.G.2. .The world of colour, music and toys makes learning a pleasant experience for the beginners, under the guidance of specially trained teachers.

Grade I-VII : During the five years the school follows a comprehensive fundamental buildings syllabus designed to suit children coming from varied and diverse backgrounds.At the end of this stage students appear for the SCERT based syllabus exam.

Grade VIII to XII : During this stage we follow KERALA syllabus with three board exams for std.X, XI, XII .

Stream offered in grades XI& XII (Kerala Board) are Science and Commerce(Optional Second Language Subjects Malayalam/Hindi/Urdu//KERALA Arabic)





Office Timing

  • 7.45 A.M to 1.45 P.M
  • 6.30 P.M to 8.00 P.M


Working hours

Normal Timings

  • 7.45 A.M to 11.55 A.M
  • 7.45 A.M to 1.45 P.M